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They make great baby shower gifts too.

Even if you are planning to use your registry at Amazon. Sign up for the Bump Benefits plan and you can get discounts and free baby samples.

Free Enfamil Baby Formula Samples and Coupons – US/Canada

Get more details here. This is one baby freebie that is only available for those of you who live out West. Sign up for the London Drugs Welcome package which includes free baby samples. You can also redeem the coupon online when you make an online order. Sign up for the Welcome Baby package here.

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For more free stuff for new moms, Canada- specific websites of big brands are worth checking out as well as online only freebies. This is a great mini online prenatal class created by an RN.

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You can redeem codes on diapers and wipes packs for free gift cards, toys, and Shutterfly photo products. One of the best Canadian baby freebies out there! The Baby Box Co is dedicated to promoting safe sleep for babies and offers a free portable bassinet for newborns. One of my friends got one of these and it is so cute! Such an awesome idea. The Baby Box Co is based on a popular government program from Finland and was originally adopted by the Alberta gov, Ontario shortly followed.

Baby Box Canada has rebranded as Family One. Moms Meet has just been launched in Canada and is a new program that allows you to get baby freebies in a couple of different ways — sign up as a Mom Ambassador and get sent free baby samples to try with your mom friends. Moms Meet also has a rewards program that runs along side the sampling portion, you can earn rewards for answering questions, going on the website etc and then redeem your points for gifts.

Recently revamped, download the app and upload your grocery store receipts to earn points for gift cards and free baby stuff including coupons for diapers. Did you know that Best Buy sells baby items? I actually bought an awesome maternity swimsuit there — worth checking out as an alternative to the usual maternity store. Apply online for the Best Buy Baby samplers club and you may get selected to receive free samples.

Apply online for the Best Buy Club here. Cetaphil is a brand of baby body care items and they have a club that you can sign up for online.

How to Get Free Baby Formula Samples

Join the Cetaphil Parents Club now. If you live near a large urban centre, make sure you hit up the baby shows! I find I always get enough free samples of baby products to make up for the entrance fee and more! There are also lots of contests to enter at the shows.

Free formula and coupons Canada-In Tamil-Similac-Enfamil-Nestle

I have also found that the smaller fairs sometimes have the best free stuff and samples on offer! Register for events in your area and get a free gift bag plus meet vendors, at the one I attended there were games and even shower cake! Postpartum Mom Survival Kit. Now check your email to confirm your subscription and get started on the Money Making Blog Course.

6 Ways To Save Money On Baby Formula

There are other brands out there, I don't know if it's cheaper, I've been told it's best not to mix and match formulas as it may mess with a baby's digestions and do things to their intestinal tracts. Not really sure if this is true, we erred on the side of caution. It may also explain why hospitals gets so many free samples from a particular brand and are so eager to hand them out I would say, if whatever you're feeding works for your baby and they like it and drink it up, then just stick with it.

All's right with the world. My procedure: 1 Buy Shoppers gift cards to get Optimum points 2 Buy enough formula on sale to meet threshold for coupon. Would go on sale usually every weeks, so I would stock up. Also you get personalized coupons e-mailed to you that will net more bonus points.

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That reminds me - Formula on sale this week and I have 18, points coupons. I'm going to stock up and probably do 4 transactions - 2 on each Optimum card. I can only speak about the concentrate and ready to feed liquid type, but when on sale; try to stock up on a few cases at a time. Majority of the liquid type can last up to a full year and will be consumed by your kid well before expiration.

We just stocked up from Walmart. My son is taking the PC brand powder formula.

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